• New teak furniture often has a slight surface sheen from the oil that naturally occurs in teak wood. This surface oil will be washed away after a short time outdoors, but the oils and resins that remain inside give teak its lasting durability.

• Over time when left outdoors, teak will naturally age to a handsome silver-gray. This gradual process usually takes 5-12 months depending on local conditions.

• Teak will return to its original smooth feel after the initial weathering process.


• Clean with a soft-bristle brush and soapy water to remove accumulated dirt.

• For tough stains and mildew add one part household bleach to two parts water in the soap solution. Rinse well with clean water after washing.

• Avoid pressure washers and steel wool.

• Teak that has not been cleaned can become dark gray or black after some years. For this, we recommend purchasing a good Teak Cleaner. This highly concentrated cleaner removes accumulated dirt and grease from the surface of the furniture and also contains brightener ingredients that help to bring back the original teak color.


While many people love to keep their teak’s gray patina, if you’d like to preserve your teak’s golden color, apply a good-quality teak protector that protects against stains and contains UV inhibitors and light pigments to reduce the weathering effects of sunlight.

Apply your teak protector directly to the new teak or—for best results—after the furniture has been outside for a few weeks and has been cleaned with teak cleaner. The teak protector should be reapplied once or twice a year to provide continuous protection.